Will these teams step up or be mediocre?

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Will these teams step up or be mediocre?

Post  Mark Jackson on Mon Jul 09, 2012 12:29 pm

Morrison, Dallas Bandits, Blackout, Grapevine, and RoughNecks all had success last season. I really shouldn't put the RoughNecks in this conversation b/c them boyz have been consistent. However, the question is .... Will these teams build on their success or drop out the picture like the Halftime Boyz?

Yeah, Crutch the Rotts is my team and you know what? I'm going to go on RECORD and call them out. What happen to the ROTTS? Use to be a physical and exciting team to watch. Will they step up or be like Papah Chash?

Mark Jackson

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Re: Will these teams step up or be mediocre?

Post  face on Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:55 pm

If Morrison doesnt lose any players i think they can find themselves being an elite team, just need to calm the qb down.

Grapevine has what it takes if they keep what they have.

Bandits will more than likely stay where they are

the Necks just need a line

Rotts have a great core, but they always show to the games mix matched, too many big men, no skilled player or vice versa

Papah Chasah, have nothing to do with this topic, only won 9 games in 3 season, no one will play with us, I am having fun, trying to stay in some type of shape.

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