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Status of the Texas9Man League Empty Status of the Texas9Man League

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:43 am

The Texas9Man league will continue the Fall 2012 season in Mesquite, TX. Mr.Gerald Crayton has decided to step down as the Commissioner of the Texas9man league. I, Carlos McGee, will continue to direct the Texas9Man league to bigger and better things in the upcoming season. In the Captain's meeting on 07/29/12, we will discuss the upcoming Fall 2012 season. This season my focus is to bring back the family atmosphere to the league which is why Valley Creek Park will be a great location for our league.

For the past twelve seasons, the Texas9Man league has grown significantly this is due to the competition in the league. We want the league to continue to grow.We have a lot of individual accomplishments in the Texas9Man league e.g Shotyme with the perfect season to give them three Superbowl wins; Primetime with back to back Superbowl wins, Goonz who came through to win their first Superbowl;Roughnecks and Hotboyz with their various Superbowl wins and let's not forget the Lady Cowboys and the Stallions with their two Superbowl wins. Also, the various tournament wins e.g. Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta. Not to mention, the fun we had in Florida. There's been a lot of individual accomplishments in the Texas9Man league!

As we enter our 13th season, I attend on upholding the legacy and accomplishments of the Texas9Man league!

Now let's experience the competition and play some "good old fashion football"!!!

Carlos McGee,

Thank You,

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