Traffic rant. Dude I'm 50?

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Traffic rant.  Dude I'm 50? Empty Traffic rant. Dude I'm 50?

Post  Traffic77 on Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:34 pm

So much to talk about. 30 years ago I put a goal for myself to play the game when I was 50. Well I'm 50 and my team got old and alas there is no No Limit (mmmm I guess that is a not a double negative). A season about to start out here in Austin playing with some fine young me in e SKERS. But not on a tournament team which stinks. I like playin the Hotdogs and sHOWTYME even the Goonies. But there was a break in the north Texas family. I did realize that Royce was at the center of the spilt. Like both u guys hope u can work it out, I think it could actually lead to make what has been great even greater.
Finally made it to a game at Jerry world. All I can say is WOW. Was the Monday night game. It was awesome until the game started. How did y'all allow the Beara to get home field advantage?
I'm a cowboys fan, I hated the bears folks chanting "we love RO MO" after every pick. Was like freaking gangnam style by the end of game. AAAARRRGGGGGHHHH.
Back to our game. Looking forward to y'all coming down. Also want to see another rematch of the fasted man in the game comp. I swear that was the best part of the weekend last time for AUSTIN.
I know I aint the only old man out there but I play to show we can. This is the greatest sport in the world. I love this game. I love the comp. I love the friendships.
I'm almost to the point were I'll be ready to move into management and off the field. But for now my goal is at hand to join that 50+ on the field club. I'll be back to talk some fun Trash getting ready for the battle for 35.
While your here be sure to check out the F1 track. Only one in north America.
Hook em.
Really please hook, trip, something lord knows can't tackle.


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