Shopping advice ? Handbags?

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Shopping advice ? Handbags? Empty Shopping advice ? Handbags?

Post  Traffic77 on Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:06 pm

Gee guys if I knew this was a shopping/make up to your lady site I would have copied my cookie recipe. Seriously the most active post on the site is on handbag?

Do they set up a booth on the field (real egg on face if actually does)?

I'm all about marketing and flagfootball but would rather it be from venues or sponsors that benefit the players in league. I guess we could all handbag or man purse?

The more I think about I guess I'm down with quality low cost bag.


Gentlemen post about your job. Your companies get paid.
And while you do make you post on the fastest 4G network AT&T
Rethink possible

Gee that does feel good. I see why mr handbag post that stuff. It's liberating like eating cake and ice cream or scoring a touchdown.

Everybody have a great season.


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